Rules not always firing


I've been having issues with rules not firing. I'm fairly new to the Hubitat platform so at first I thought that it was just me but after a week or two of reading and watching videos (and thanks to the Hubitat staff and community for answering my questions) I've gotten the rules to work the way I want but for some reason they seem to randomly stop working. Sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes, other times for a day or more. For instance last night two of my rules stopped working. The rule for turning on the upstairs hallway lights at night with motion stopped working and the rule for turning on the basement stair lights with motion stopped working. But to my surprise early the next day I woke up, walked into the hallway, and the rule fired turning on the hallway lights. Unfortunately, the rule for turning on the basement lights still didn't work this morning. I've ruled out any issues with zigbee or zwave. I have good RSSI values and the state of the switches and motion sensors are correct and are being reported to the hub. I've double checked the logs and device status when the rules don't fire and don't see any reason why they shouldn't work. I'm beginning to think there could be a bug or some other issue with the platform, maybe?

Update: "Basement Stair Lights ON with Motion" rule still won't work even after a hub reboot :frowning:

Below last night when the upstairs motion was detected but the rule never fired.

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This is from this morning when the basement lights didn't turn on with motion.

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Try creating the same rules in RM and just pause these that you have created in the Motion Lighting App. Then create an additional rule in RM that just evaluates the new RM rules on occasion, to give them a little 'wake-up' here and there. I've had to do that with a few of my lighting rules and they have been solid since. These new RM rules can then either be replacements or just to help troubleshoot your existing Motion Lighting App rules.


Someone else with similar issues?


Personally, and this does not address / answer your issue, I write all my rules in RM.
I have nothing in SL or ML.
I do not get any issues with unreliability.


I guess I could recreate the rules in RM but I would prefer not to. I've found RM to be difficult and unintuitive to use. I'll give it a shot but If I can't get this resolved this weekend I'll likely switch back to SmartThings.


I use all three, Rule Machine, Simple Lighting, and Motion Lighting. I have not been using Motion Lighting very long (a bit over a month). The other two I have been using since last summer. I have not had this problem with any of my rules. I do agree RM can be a challenge to wrap your head around.


Interestingly enough, this morning the basement stair lights didn't turn on with motion so I manually turned on the lights but before I did so I checked the logs and status of the switch. The switch was reported off to the hub and the motion became active but the lights didn't turn on. The log showed "Not turning off: motion active". In the rule I have the "Don't turn off if already on" option selected. I believe this option keeps the lights from turning off at the end of the timer if the lights were already on when the rule triggered. Is that correct?