Rules Machine crashed while app was being developed

Had almost finished a beautiful new rule when, BLAM. The Rules machine crashed with java errors, I do not know java, but I think the Rules machine has a bug. Who do I talk to about this?
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I believe @bravenel has been stomping out bugaboos of this nature lately, so I'm tagging him for consideration. All I know is that the "crashed" RM rule that I recently submitted for his inspection was suddenly open-able and edit-able after the last firmware update (nb. I see you have one pending for your hub).

Do you recall what was your most recent edit/Action before the error cropped up? Any chance it involved Variable ► SetVariable?

(This post probably belongs under the 'Rule Machine' category so may get moved there.)

Are you on latest release If not, please update and see if this is still a problem.

See PM I am sending you.

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I was able to track this issue down, and have a fix for it. Something happened with a local variable "WaitLoopTime" being deleted while still being used in the Repeat. The fix did bring the rule back to life, although that one action is broken.

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Thanks for the fast fix!

Is there an is update?

Is there an OS update?

Not yet. Fix is in, but not released yet.

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When can a release be expected?

Don’t know how long you’ve been a Hubitat user. But the average time between releases is 2-3 months.

I would anticipate the next version going to beta testers in less than a month, and being released in less than 2 months. There’s no other home automation product whose developers work on such a tight development cycle.