Rules Machine Conditions not working

I have 2 Rules Machine apps the have conditions. Neither of them are taking into account the condition and are always running when the trigger occurs.
One is when a particular door is opened (trigger), chime the keypad (action) only if the alarm system is armed (condition). It chimes the keypad every time that door is opened, even if system is not armed.

The other is to turn on lights when someone returns but only if it is after sunset (condition), but it runs no matter the time of day whenever someone returns. I don't have any other Rules Machines with conditions, but I do have Basic Rules with conditions, and those work.

Any ideas of what could be wrong or suggestions of what to try? Thanks.

Are you able to provide a screenshot of the two RM rules?

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Do you just have conditions listed, OR did you apply the conditions to your rule. Conditions are only a bank to draw from, they don't automatically get applied to the rule.

Screenshots would be helpful...


I'm guessing that you created the conditions and they are in the Manage and Create Conditions section but you haven't actually included them in an IF-THEN action.



You may find these two videos useful in constructing rules with simple conditionals and more complex conditionals:


The 'Manage or Create Conditions' section is basically a repository where conditions etc. are stored and can be managed.
They do not do actually do anything whilst sitting in this area.
If you want to use these conditions you need to to then select them in the 'Select Action type' dropdown.
Something like
Time is between Sunrise and Sunset AND Virtual sensors any present
Unlock door.
Turn off cameras

You will also need a trigger to start the evaluation of those conditions.

When time is Sunset.

Also the suggestion to have a look at the videos to give you an understanding of RM is a good one.


Gotcha. So I needed to select Conditional Actions as the action first. Makes sense now.

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