Rules for locking door

I am having an issue with the script keeps running. I'm not exactly sure what to change or what condition to add.

If i open and close the door multiple times in a few minutes; it will go off 10 minutes later multiple times. I want it to just go off once. Even if the door is locked it will "relock" multiple times I'm guessing 10 minutes after I opened and closed the door.

I'd also like to add another setting where it checks every hour in the night from say 10pm-7am if its unlocked and to relock the door; if the door sensor is closed and the door is unlocked.

How do i Make the door cancel this trigger if the door is already locked? The notifications were not working when grouped together so I had to set them separate or the alexa would not speak.


You need to first add "cancel delay actions" as the first action in the rule then make the 10 minute delay on the actions.
The delay you have now makes the rule wait 10 minutes before doing anything.