Rules for inovelli switched normal led bulbs

Is there someone that can guide me in generating a rule to control my normal led bulbs with my inovelli blue switches that I have paired.

How do you want to control them? By "normal" bulbs, I assume you mean non-smart bulbs on the same circuit that would be controlled exactly how a "dumb" switch would control them, and in that case, there isn't really anything you'd need to do with the Inovelli switch (unless you want to use more of its features). But that doesn't seem quite right based on the question...

I would like to control the normal led bulbs (that are dimmable) to on, off, and dim at minimum through the inovelli blue wall paddles as well as control with a dashboarded rule on Hubitat.

Eventually I would like to also control the same bulb with a motion sensor. But that’s a fight for another day. :blush:

Thank you in advance


I'm still not understanding something--does the Inovelli switch not already do this if manipulated from the wall? If it does, all you'll need to do is add the Inovelli device to a Dashboard or whatever you're thinking for that kind of control.

I guess where I get stuck writing the rule is in actions for the inovelli switch. The default is asking what switches to control (lights to control in devices). Since these are non paired dumb led bulbs, I’m not sure how to precede. I can’t get past this step.

I'm still missing something. Your hub needs a way to communicate with these LED bulbs in order to control them. That's usually done by either having them on the same circuit as your Inovelli 2-1 or another smart switch/dimmer (is that not the case here?) or because they are smart bulbs themselves (sounds like not the case here).

Your dump LED bulbs need to be on a circuit that is switched by the Inovelli Blue switch. You can then control the lights from the actual switch and then add that switch to the hub using zigbee. If you do that last part you can control the switch through automations.

Sorry for not explaining well.

If I only have control over the switch ( inovelli) and the bulbs are not smart, can a rule be written in Hubitat without smart bulbs.

Unless I’m missing something, all bulbs need to be smart unfortunately to turn them on, off, or even dim. Even if the switch controlling them is smart.

Where I’m stuck for instance when I try writing the rules for my inovelli blue I choose the switch to push 1 to turn on ….. action is asking for a device such as in other rooms my hue bulbs. However where this inovelli switch is located there are just dumb recessed lights that I would like to turn on and off etc.

The rule wants a device to control that in this room of recessed dumb bulbs is obviously not paired as my hue bulbs are paired.

Is there a workaround that I’m missing or too much of a newbie to understand

Thank you for your patience

Ok I must be missing something. I have made rules for the inovelli switch for buttons 1 6 and 7. Push held…on off and dimmer up and down for hue bulbs. Works great.

Stuck with same process for dumb bulbs as there is no device action to choose from since non paired dumb bulbs.

What an I missing here.



Only if the bulbs are on a smart switch/dimmer. I'm not sure you ever answered the question about whether these bulbs are on the same circuit as the Inovelli 2-1. If so, it should already control them without you needing to do anything in Hubitat. If that's not working, there is some problem.

Otherwise, how are you controlling the bulbs now? If they are controlled by a dumb switch that works totally separately from wherever you've installed the Inovelli device, there is no way for your hub or the Inovelli switch to communicate with them. It's a powerful device, but it's not magic. :smiley: You'll need another 2-1 or another smart switch/dimmer, or you'll need smart bulbs instead. But if you do have a way for the hub to talk to them, there are apps you can use on the hub to make things happen.


Replaced a dumb single pole switch with the inovelli. Yes on the same circuit. Can turn them on and off in single pole non smart mode. When put switch in smart mode lose control of lights. That’s what led me to try writing a rule. Maybe that’s my mistake the switch shouldn’t be in smart mode. I just made the assumption that the switch needed to be in smart mode to pair it. Is that untrue.

If it will pair in dimmer mode what action would I choose in simple rules to on off and dim.

If you want the Inovelli 2-1 to directly control the "dumb" lights it's attached to, you'll want to turn off smart bulb mode. It's actually called "smart bulb mode," not "smart mode," and it's meant for when you don't want the switch to directly control the load. Normally that would be because you have smart bulbs, which are generally meant to be dimmed via software, not regular dimming (which can damage some, among other concerns). The switch itself is smart without this, though it still will work fine as an (expensive) "dumb switch" even if you don't par it to a hub or the hub is off, etc.

If you change the 2-1 in from switch mode to dimmer mode, it will directly dim your load without the need to create any rules, etc. on the hub. Just change this setting in the driver (or do it manually on the switch if you feel like making things hard on yourself).

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Got it now. Thank you for your patience and expertise.


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