Rules disappeared - power outage

Hi there

Was doing a fair amount of work on the rules in my Hubitat and added several rules and disabled a few others over the last few day’s .... + was also doing some work that required the network and power drop yesterday .....

When I logged in this am all of the rules that I had done up to the power out and created or adjusted over the last 24 hours and before the power outage were gone .... all other rules post power outage are still there

Is this a normal behavior ? For a Hubitat

Note : the rules that disappeared were working and functioning fine and were in place for several hours before the power went out

I think it probably loaded the backup that is automatically taken at 03:00 on the day of the power outage when it powered back up again.
If you do any major changes its good practice to do a download to a local pc which is also stored on the hub.
This way you shouldn't lose your changes.


Ok that makes sense ... thanks

No problem.
Personally I do a download pre and post changes in case I mess things up.
If I do I can do a soft reset to recover things.
Worth a thought.

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It's also good to go into settings and shutdown the hub before cutting power so the DB doesn't get corrupted and need to be reloaded.

Also it is good to have your hub on an uninterruptible power supply so that if there is a power outage, your hub does not have a dirty shutdown. An UPS will give you time to do a proper shutdown, both of your hub(s) and of your computer, which also doesn't take kindly to dirty shutdowns.

On the subject of downloads and backup procedures. What is the file naming conventions? I have two hubs currently connected to my router. It seems like they are both creating files with the same name in the same folder. In the DL folder I see 2020-01-23_2.1.8.117(n) with (n) being 1,2,3 etc. I can tell from the file size which belongs to which hub. I would prefer being able to set the folder where backups are stored. Am I over-complicating this?

I've 2 hubs as well. Mine are called Hub #1 and Hub #2.
So to follow this I just rename the files by putting #1- and #2- in front of the file name.
You can tell I'm a very imaginative person. :wink:
It's really up to you how you name them. As long as you know what the names mean that's all that matters.

All good advice .... thank you ....

Thanks - didn't realize I could rename the files and Hubitat would find them on a restore.

I'm talking about renaming them when you have saved them to your PC.
If you do a 'Restore from Backup' you can either browse to the file on your PC and then pick it, or pick a backup file that exists on your HE hub.
After a power cut I believe the hub will automatically pick the last saved backup on your hub.