Rules conflicting with normal operation

I use simple rules because RM is too confusing and i haven't figured it out just yet.
I have a rule that from certain time to an end time once a contact sensor is open (main door sensor) it turns on 4 outside light's and they automatically shut down after 10 minutes or as soon as my presence changes to away. Been running for months never had any problems but i usually get in my car and leave so I've never spend too much time around them after activated. They only illuminate the porch and driveway so you can have a clear view if your surroundings when you are walking to your car.
Anyhow today as always i open the main door light's come on i get in my truck 150FT from my driveway i run over a root knot and lost a tire so i had to reverse into the driveway and start the tire change. Ok so after the 10 minutes are up lights go out. I go into the dashboard and turn the same light's on from there respective dash tiles but 10 minutes later they go out again. I thought that manually turning them on overturns the rule i created?
How can I operate the lights normally when i turn them on with the tile and not follow the rule?

Sharing a screenshot of the rule would help others help you

Without seeing the rule, the easiest way to enable an override might be to add a virtual presence or contact sensor to the rule and use it to override the default handling.