Rules based on Rooms, not devices

I have multiple rules that turn on and off plugs based on the time and day of the week. I am slowly adding devices to these rules, and it feels like a cumbersome process.

It would be faster and easier to manage if I could base these rules on rooms instead of devices. That way every time I add a new device, all I need to do is add it to the room and it will be added to all of the rules that I want it to be in.

Am I missing something here? I can't find something like that.

Rooms is still kind of new. Nothing is really being done with it yet so no rules can be built around that.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I think Room Lighting is the only app (so far) that utilizes the concept of selecting one room and it automatically utilizes all devices in that room. I am not sure it will do everything you want, but might be worth checking out.

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webCoRE in current release let's you query rooms available, devices within and see room value on events.


If you create an activator device in Room Lighting and add/remove devices from that "group" as needed, then use that activator device in your rule instead of individual devices, that sounds like what you're asking for--assuming want all the devices to be set the same way, like a group. Of course, you don't actually need a rule to set them; Room Lighting is pretty powerful on its own, but but this is more of a direct answer to your question.

You can also use Groups and Scenes to create a group, which will ultimately be about the same if you only use the group device for this purpose. But that app is unlikely to receive future development, with its functionality (plus more) subsumed into Room Lighting, hence my suggestion to look there. But if it looks too daunting to start with, that's another option.

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