Rules and notifications for First Alert combo

I set up some First Alert smoke/CO detectors today. Running HE with Google Home in the house. Battery monitoring is up, and I was going to create an SMS notification for each detector. Also I was considering getting some sort of siren that could be triggered by a detector we might not hear, like in our garage. Considering maybe adding an alarm system at some point. Any other suggestions on how to implement these on HE?

That's way above and beyond what I set up. Mine just notify me via echo speaks and pushover.

But if there's a place for going overboard, this is it. :sunglasses:


I kinda did the same thing. I figured that when we were sleeping, if the basement siren went off we may not hear it. I have installed a zooz siren so if any doors or windows open at night it would go off. So I also set the siren to go off when the basement SD goes off in case we don't hear it.

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Can you control the volume? Seems a cheap 3rd gen Echo might be cheaper than a siren.

Yeah, Rule Machine's text-to-speech notifications has a volume setting.

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