Rule Would Not Fire Until Opened and Closed

I have a rule that is basic and is based on light level. If it falls below a certain level then turn on the lights. The light level was well below the set limit and the rule said all was true. I had to open the rule and when I closed it the lights popped on.
Why would you have to open and close a rule to get it to work? How would it get stuck like that? This is an old rule that has been working fine for a long time.

Did you update the hub firmware recently?

Last week but it was running fine until today.

I think that when rule machine gets fixed with some firmware updates, some rules may need to be opened and closed like that to resume correctly. Seems like the timing doesnโ€™t favor that explanation though.

I have read where some people have had to open/close them to reset them but how do you know which ones to open/close?

This is true, especially of any rule that has to do with Sunrise or Sunset. There's been a lot of changes in that area recently.

Generally, I think itโ€™s when you have a rule that was impacted by a bug fix.

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Yes I have seen quite a few posts on the sunrise/sunset problem. Luckily I don't have any with those selections. Hopefully they will get all the bugs fixed.

I always forget to look at the list of fixes they list. I am not used to having a list at all in HS. I will have to compare the list against any of the rules to see if they might match.