Rule wont run on trigger


I've currently got this rule

IF (Lamp Manual(off) is off(T) AND
Time between Sunrise+60 minutes and Sunset-60 minutes(T) AND
Lamp(on) is on(T) [TRUE]) THEN
Off: Lamp

triggered by this action

Lamp physical changed

However the rule doesn't run, theres also no logging being done for it even with all the parameters on.

Any Ideas?

for testing i would drop the "physical", not all drivers implement the destinsishion or do it well.

What other rule would i use to trigger this? sorry cant see what i'd use in the list

Well, I am not understanding your conditions and your trigger. If your physically turn the lamp on but it's after sunset you want it to turn off again? That doesn't make a lot of sense. Why turn it on if you don't want it on? What are you trying to accomplish here?

Is lamp manual a virtual switch? Is triggering off the virtual switch what you really want?

haha doesnt make sense does it! This is a hue light that is on a circuit that comes on and off throughout the day. whenever a hue light loses power it powers back on to the last state. We dont need the light on during the day so whenever it comes on during the day id like it to turn off

Hue bulbs don't have any physical switch so they will never report physically on or off, just on or off. Are these connected directly to Huibitat or to Hue? Hue bulbs have the ability to modify the power on behavior when connected to the Hue Hub. But it is not recommended to allow Hue bulbs to power-cycle in this manor. On the Hue bridge they won't be available as repeaters and it isn't good for their internal electronics to power cycle them in this manor repeatedly over time unnecessarily. Why does the circuit power on and off during the day? Do you not have control over that switch?

The hue bulbs are connected to the hue hub. I do have control over that circuit however it is a power saving circuit and probably comes on and off throughout the day around 4-5 times (connected throughout the house on one switch). Its been like that for over a year and the bulb is going strong still. do i get the bulb to report to hubitat that it has been turned on then fire this rule?

Why not just fix the bulb so that it powers on as off? You should have the setting available in the Hue app.


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Theres no setting in there for auto off when turned on. The only thing i could do would be to have the bulb on but lite at 1%.

Well, in my opinion, the best way to fix this is to get the bulbs off this "power saver circuit" (whatever that means), but the only way the Hubitat knows the state of the bulb is when it polls the hue bridge. In the bridge app in hubitat there is a setting for how frequently that happens. Shortening that will get the hub to recognize it sooner but it will not be instantaneous.

If you did what I think I did the same thing. There is the option of Physical Switch and just Switch. If you picked Physical Switch change it to Switch.

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