Rule Wait Humidity AND Wait Motion

i have a motion and humidity in the bathroom. I want to wait for Humidity to be < 70 and Motion inactive for 10 minutes. but when I try to set this up is is always an OR

how can I make it require both?

below i have it duplicated. the top is my 'workaround' for the moment. the second is what I alway get when I want them combined into one statement



Start the new action using a Conditional Action (IF/Else/Then). After that step you'll encounter options to create paraenthesized conditions using And, OR, and XOR.

I have to admit, I don't use Rule Machine much. I spent a good part of yesterday redoing a third Rule I'm using, as I found it a bit confounding the way it is organized for edit / re-edit. But now I have a better understanding. Just saying. . . :slight_smile:

...bob t

thanks but that doesn't work. no option for motion inactive and remains inactive for xx minutes

You can do a Wait for Expression which will wait for both to be in place for 10 minutes:

Alternatively, if this is the only thing required in your rule, you could setup a “Required Expression” with Humidity > 70 and a trigger of Motion Inactive and stays inactive for 10 minutes.

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thanks. this makes sense.
and I have put it in place now wait to see if wife screams again because the light shut off while take a shower!!

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Haha! Yea, that’s something that you want to avoid… I have setup the Aqara FP1 in our bathroom to avoid this (since it can sense presence through glass), but it doesn’t work 100% of the time, so I know what you’re talking about…

i considered putting a motion sensor in the shower stall but might be a little much.. will see how the humidity/motion works.

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I try to think of all conditions that occur. Adding a contact sensor to the door. If the door is closed increase the wait time for lights to go out, Also in my case I can see when the hot water is on. We have a gas tankless water heater, so I can monitor it's power with a smart plug. Also time of day is something you can add.

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i think the REAL solution is just to tape a water leak detector to wife and use that as a factor!!!!

i will know that she is in show and to NO turn off lights

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