Rule to turn off google mini?

Is it possible to stop a google mini that's playing music with a rule when my presence is away? I haven't found anything in searches and I'm not sure if google assistant relay would work here. Thanks in advance.

Don’t have one, but worst case scenario you put it on a smartplug and turn off the plug with a rule...

I was thinking about that but wanted to see if there was any solution software-wise before I added more hardware. Smart outlets might be the easier solution. Thanks.

I don't know how to do it in Hubitat, but you can definitely send a STOP command to a google home device.

I do it in node red, and I thought (?) the Hubitat chromecast/google home integration could do it too?

If sending a stop doesn't work, you can send a few "spaces" for the Google home to speak. It will stop the device from playing anything that it's currently playing.

Not sure they could have made it any clearer.
You can address this using a custom action from RM, thusly...


Thanks for the replies guys. I was setting up a rule for when I left home that would turn off lights plus my media. In Actions it would only allow for volume control of the mini's and chromecast. So I tested the mute when away and unmute when home and it does what I need it to do plus I added a smart plug to the TV in order to shut off the power. Thanks.

Thanks for this! I didn't know that I had to choose custom action, then speech device and there are all the commands that I needed in my automation for my chromecast devices. Awesome find (for me) and it made my automation wish possible. :ok_hand: :clap: :muscle: :handshake:

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Yes, lots of goodies behind that option for many devices! :vulcan_salute:

I didn't realize those options were available under the custom action/actuator. Thank you @Angus_M for pointing that out. Very much appreciated.

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