Rule to turn off dehumidifier when window opens

I have 6 windows with contact Sensors.
I have successfully created a rule when a window is open the dehumidifier turns off using a smart plug..
And turns on when the window is closed again..

Here is my problem..
There is 6 windows, so if i only close 1 window the dehumidifier will turn back on, but 5 other windows are still open!!
How do i make a rule so all windows have to be closed for the dehumidifier to turn on ?

Any help is greatly appreciated !!

I have something for that.

So, after the install, you would create a contact group for those windows. Use the group device in your rule. The virtual device will show open when any window is open and only show closed when all windows are closed.

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Here's how I would approach it

Any window contact sensor opened

On dehumidifier smart plug
Wait for ALL contact sensors closed
Off dehumidifier smart plug

Post an image of your rule and we can help with specifics.

I do it like this

Windows any changed

If Windows any open
Turn off humidifier
Turn on humidifier
End if

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