Rule to step up and down fan speeds quit working

I have a couple rules that use pico buttons to cycle fan speeds from low, med, high. I'm not sure when this broke, but from off to low works. Then if you press button 2 again, the fan goes to medium, then to high.

No matter the fan speed, the step down rule turns the fan off.

It's not the pico, because using the button presses from the pico page does the same thing. If you watch the fan device info, you can see it go to medium for a second then to high.

I have 3 sets of these rules for 3 different fans. Two of them control Bond fan modules. One controls a Lutron fan controller. Both sets of rules for the Bond modules are acting up.

From the fan device page, I can command whatever speed directly and it's fine. Only from rule machine it seems to misbehave.

This is in Rule machine legacy FWIW. I was going to move them to rule machine 5.1, but there doesn't seem to be an import option.

I'd turn on logging for one of the non-working rules, then test and see what they show.

I’m wondering how that ever worked without ELSE-IFs.


the next platform release will add two custom commands to the bond fan driver, increaseSpeed and decreaseSpeed, also fixed the cycleSpeed command which would hang at specific speeds on some fans as well as populate all the speed names for 6 speeds and above.


Any reported issues with buttons toggling Hampton Bay fans?
I updated to this build today after hanging back a few builds. Everything was working. Now after update Sonoff and Xiaomi devices required repairing and now toggling light and fan on HB devices does not work. I tried in with Button Controller, Simple Rules, and Rule Machine and seems to be broke using each of them. Best I can get is separate condition for off and on.

no, nothing's changed platform wise that would cause this. Does the device respond correctly from the driver UI?, if it doesn't its not going to work from any rules...

They are responding properly from the driver but their off on state is incorrect.

then they really aren't working correctly then...

This just confuses me even more.. I see 3 button pushes for button 2. I only hit it twice. And from the device page.

The live logs for the pico only show two button pushes. But why does RM see 3?

For this log, I pressed button 2 once, verified the fan went to low, and pressed it one more time and watched the fan go, medium, then high.

The logic is wrong. It assumes the state of the fan is only tested at trigger time.

Change the simple conditionals to IF/Then/Else-If logic with matching ENDIFs.

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These rules have been in place and working for years. There is an identical rule but with a different fan switch, and different pico which works fine.

I think you're on the right track. This looks like the fan status is updating to medium before the third "if" condition is being evaluated. The rule doesn't need to be modified though. There's essentially an implicit ELSE and END-IF happening. It just doesn't read well.

@scoob8000 can you go back to that timespan and include the fan device along with the rule logs?

You are using what my college math professors called “proof by example.” Your logic is still wrong.


No...I see what you mean now.

I still think this is more a race condition that's apparent now for some reason (maybe the rule is executing slower) but the crutch is that this would be better suited as a nested IF-THEN-ELSE

if(fan off) set fan low
	ELSE-IF (fan low) set fan medium
		ELSE-IF (fan medium) set fan high

Using the nest method above, the IF conditions are evaluated in order until one evaluates as TRUE and then the rest will not be checked. This is what you want to happen.


My hypothesis is that the fan speed is updating before the rule finishes. Let's say it is set to low and you hit the button.

//This evaluates to false
IF(fan is off) set fan to low 
// This evaluates to true, so the command to set the fan to medium is sent.
// The fan speed gets updated instantly
IF(Fan is low) set fan to medium 
//This will still be evaluated. If the fan speed has already updated to medium, 
//then this will evaluate as true and the fan speed will be command to high.
IF(fan is medium) set fan to high

You can see this in the logs you posted. The top two lines (last two logs entries) show that the IF conditions for both low and medium are evaluating as TRUE in the same run.


To see this more clearly ..


While what you want is ..

.. I'm going back to my wine-drinking now.


I follow you. I just re-tested with logging on and noticed this:

When the fan went to high, the low and medium rules both evaluated to TRUE.

I just couldn't wrap my head around why one rule set worked but the others didn't. In hindsight, I guess these rules always worked, but barely.

Seeing that extra button press in the RM log is what made me be so stubborn. Now that I'm at home I tried to re-create that a few times but never could.

I'm guessing the bond drivers just update a touch faster for some reason.

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No problem. Glad to be able to help. That’s why we’re all here.


I couldn't figure out how to add the else-if's in RM Legacy so I just rebuilt the rules in RM5.1. This works, but does it look optimal to you?

I'm sure the up/down rules could be consolidated into one rule but I can't wrap my head around how without making it overly complicated.