Rule to start zigbee pairing mode and stop zigbee pairing mode

How do I create an action that starts zigbee pairing mode and another that stops it?
Also how do I do the same with z wave inclusion, and also with z wave exclusion?

This cannot be automated (at least not by any reasonable means; I don't doubt that you could figure out what HTTP POST action or whatever probably gets sent to the hub from the button press and unofficially simulate that, but that is hardly a documented path or one I'd recommend). However, this is an unusual request. Do you have a particular issue you're trying to solve? That might reveal a better way to approach the problem or whatever you're looking to address.


That is what I am thinking too. Why would you want to or need to do this?


Just want a dashboard to make pairing and adding more stuff easier. What's the http request for that?

I don't know, but I'm sure you could inspect browser network traffic to guess. I'm not sure it's a good idea, though. Why not just use the admin UI? Even if you manage to initiate pairing mode from another mechanism, you'd still want to stick around to verify that the device actually paired (for any device), be around to confirm or input the DSK (if using Z-Wave S2 on a C-7 hub), verify the device was assigned the correct driver, and rename it if needed, all of which you'd be able to do via the normal means but (in most cases) not another.

Would a Dashboard "link" tile that just goes to the admin UI pairing page be better? If so, http://yourHubIP/hub/scanDevice should work (locally only, of course). That would at least give you a quick way to get there.


Doesn't work externally

Sure, but you also can't physically put a device into pairing mode remotely (with rare exception). What is the use case? Maybe there's another way. But it sounds like maybe you just want access to the admin UI remotely. In that case, I'd consider using a VPN into your home network (until Hubitat adds some sort of remote admin access, if they ever do). Many routers have something for this built in, but lots of community members here have also set up something like OpenVPN (PiVPN is really easy) or Wireguard, both useful for more than just Hubitat.


I already have one on a raspberry pi. This is just to make things easier since for some reason they removed the ability to add other local users. Users that can do these things.

Also I have devices that I purchased used that randomly turn into pairing mode. No particular explanation. I'm attempting to deal with multiple issues at once. One that was just caused by the people who made this device for no reason that there's no way Around unless I delete the local account and keep a bunch of pages open in other tabs to make more users than just one. Because apparently stupid people messed that up for everyone.