Rule to "sleep" or disable device?

Is there even a concept of pausing or disabling a device, and if so, can I do so from RM? The device is a LAN integration, so "sleeping" it wouldn't have any mesh implications. I'm using a community tv integration that works fantastically when the tv is on. However, when the tv is sleeping or off, it clutters the log/hub by constantly pinging the tv and reporting no connection. We only use the device via hubitat (so it wouldn't find itself on without hubitat knowing), and I managed to work out a separate wake on lan virtual device, so I can turn it on without the full integration pinging all day. Ideally I'd put the device to sleep so it's not pinging at all and I'd make a rule that re-enables the tv device itself and wakes on lan while the full tv device reconnects.


Yes, a device (or app) can be disabled by 1: Enabling the “disable” column and 2: selecting the box on devices to be disabled.

As far as I know, this is not accessible from RM unfortunately...

Another option would be to modify the driver by commenting out the line of code that writes that error to the log. (Assuming there isn’t already an option to disable it in the app...)

Someone with ability to modify drivers might be able to change that directly in the driver...

Rule Machine can disable devices. It's inside the "Capture/Restore, Device Refresh or Polling" set of actions.