Rule to set thermostat scheduler to hold when setpoints are adjusted in scheduled mode

Hi all.

Not really sure how to figure this one out. I just want the thermostat scheduler to switch to hold mode if somebody changes the temperature in the house. This might be counterintuitive since the negates the whole point of the scheduler. But I just don’t want my wife to change temperatures and then keep wondering why it goes back.

Ideally I’d like to set up a Rule that is triggered by a change in setpoint - either on the physical thermostat device, or on the virtual device.

  • when thermostat setpoint is changed then activate hold mode.
  • after sometime (my thought is on the next mode change > turn hold off; activate schedule set points.

I can set up a trigger for setpoint changed but wouldn’t this also be triggered by the next scheduled period As well?

Also to note, my T6 pro Z wave thermostat is being controlled by thermostat controller, which is then being controlled by the Thermostat Scheduler.

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