Rule to open contact on when HSM Intrusion occurs

Hi folks,

I have searched and come close to an answer but not been able to make it work. This seems very simple but I have not solved it yet. I think some sort of custom action is needed.

What I want to happen is to have a virtual contact sensor opened when HSM detects an intrusion. I cant seem find a way to manually set a contact sensor using Rule Machine.

How can I get this to work?

If you are wondering why I need such a rule, I want to use the virtual contact with HubConnect. The sad state of Arlo/IFTTT recording requires I use the native Smartthings Arlo integration. The Hubitat virtual contact will be the only Smartthings contact sensor and will trigger Arlo recording of all cameras for 2 minutes when the HSM detects an intrusion. Basically I will use the Hubitat virtual contact to trigger the Smartthings alarm.

Any help is much appreciated.


Yes, you need a Custom Action. Like this below. Notice that open and close are available in the list of actions you can do. This will only work with a virtual contact device.

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@bravenel Thank you very much! That did the trick.