Rule to fade lights in two stages where motion can cancel the fade

Ok, I had a Lutron Maestro dimmer in the basement a few years back that could be "programmed" to dim to off after a set amount of time. One thing that I found nice is that when it was time to fade, the dimmer would fade the lights 50%, wait 2-3 seconds and then fade to 0%. This was nice to indicate if anyone was still in the basement that it was about to get dark and you could just go to the switch or use the IR remote to stop the dimmer from fading to 0%.

So yesterday when the lights turned off and I started waving in the air so that the motion sensor gets triggered again to turn them back on. I was thinking about that dimmer we used to have and started trying to figure the logic of it with RM4.

What stumps me is, can I have 2 cancelable actions going on at the same time in a rule, the first that dims to 50% and a second to 0%, and when the trigger (motion) is caught again, cancel the both actions. But also must be able to cancel the fade to 0 if I wave in the air during the brief time in between the two actions? Do I need to do 2 cancel actions if both are running, or will one cancel both? Bruce @bravenel, you would be the best person to know this answer I guess.

Did not try it yet, and will just write an app if necessary, but thought it would be a nice challenge to do it in RM if at all possible.

Thanks for any input!

There is a community based app, Lights On Motion Plus if you want this without messing around too much. It works great, and it really is nice to have that warning before the lights go out.

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