Rule to check health of devices

I have to admit I'm quite annoyed. I just realised that I had lost connection to 2 of my contact sensors about a month ago and had no idea. So, when I ran the rule to check security (windows closed, etc.), it reported back as everything good. Meanwhile the sensor wasn't responding and happened to lose connection in the 'closed' state, so rule machine kept thinking all was closed.
Is there a rule that can determine the health of devices (e.g. Hasn't checked in for x minutes) or something like that?
Any help would be appreciated.

P.s. Got a similar question under support around this

I've left an answer in your other post.
Is that what you are after?

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I use Device Watchdog exactly for this.
It runs at 1am every night and will let me know if I device has not checked in for the last 48 hours (that's the value I chose).

It has saved me so many times, as it terms out some devices have died before telling me their batteries were low, including my front door lock (turns out 80% actually means closer to 10% or 20%)


Bobbles pointed me to the same by my other post. Installing it now and just need to see how I get it to my sharptools dashboard. Thanks so much for the help.