Rule to Change Device Preferences Programmatically with Zooz Power Switch

Can I use "run custom action" or some other method to change "Preferences" like "Power Report Value Change," "Power Report Percentage Change," or "Power Reporting Interval" from within a Rule Machine 5.1 rule? I'm guessing no, as only "commands" are given as options. The closest thing I see is "configure" and parameter types of string, number, and decimal. For grins, I tried "configure('Power Report Value Change', 2)" but it just gave an error.

What I'm thinking is that I'd like to have small change reports when the power is low, but infrequent reports when the power is high. Is there another way to skin this cat?

No, you cannot change device preferences in an automated manner (just manually from the device page--or using the new-ish Prefence Manager app, but that's ultimately still manual); you can only run commands. Some drivers may expose different things as preferences vs. commands, so you may be able to find or write one that does what you want, but as-is, it won't work, as you've discovered.

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