Rule to be triggered after my Freezer door is open for more than 1 minute

Hello There

I have created a rule to be triggered once the freeze door is open for more than a minute but if you see the rule below I do not know how to specify "after a minute" . Delayed for 30 seconds only delay the alarm for 30 seconds but even if the door is closed before the 30 seconds time, the alarm is triggered

Any help? Thanks

Done. What the stoppable does exactly... I did not know about it. I will try later on

Here's mine. This triggers if open for 5 minutes.



Also note that if this is all you want the rule to do, the built-in Notifications app can handle this with a lot less to work to set up. Otherwise, I frequently recommend this post from Bruce (RM author) on repeated notifications: How to get Repeated Notifications using Rule Machine. You have some good ideas above for how to add in the delay (not in that particular post) if you still want to use RM.

Good luck either way!

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I have tried with Built in notification but i am not sure how to establish a delay..... I do not want the alarm to be triggered as soon as I open the door...... only if 1 minutes has passed and the door is still open.

Not sure if Built in notification can handle the above


I believe the "for how long?" option is the one you are looking for:

Looking at it, I guess it makes you choose 1-minute increments, so 30 seconds won't work, but it's pretty close. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the advise. It worked !!!!!!!! no need to use RM 4.0 for this easy condition.

I did not know what the How long command was for but for sure I did not expect to have such a function.