Rule that counts, but counts wrong

I've got a rule that counts the number of times it has run, and increase a variable by 1 each time, (i've got another rule that sets the variable to 0 every night) but what it's been doing is at 12am it'll run but the count will go from 0 to 2, and again it runs at 6 and goes from 2 to 4, it's got me boggled, should I have my variable set to string instead of number. Any Help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated,

Here's what I think is happening:

Clock strikes 12am and your rule triggers. One of the actions is to turn the charger on. This triggers another copy of your rule. After 3 hours, the original (12am-triggered) evaluation increments the Run Count variable, and shortly after the second (turning-on-triggered) evaluation increments the Run Count variable.

Edit: I think the quickest/easiest way to fix this is to make the delay cancelable, and add a "cancel delayed actions" as the first action in your actions to run. This isn't the elegant way to address this, but I believe it will get you the functionality you want.

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When your rule triggers at a specific time, it turns on the tablet charger, which is also a trigger that causes your rule to run. So it's really running twice at each triggered time.

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Thank you, I knew it would be something simple I was just not seeing

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