Rule stopped working

I have an automation for my kitchen lights that had been working fine up until yesterday. Today I checked and the state looks to be incorrect. Its showing True for time and light level though these should both be false. The light is now triggering all day long regardless of time of day or light level.

Rule turns on light over sink in the evening through the morning. The main light is on if its around dinner time or if the weather is overcast. I have a boolean if the button is turned on physical to increase the timeout for inactivity.

Thanks for your help

Here's the log showing the time. The rule should evaluation should be false, but the time is showing true and triggering the lights.

What time is Sunset where you are located? My guess is that the rule is working fine, but as the time of sunset changes every day, the logic in the "Time between Sunset - 30mins and 7:30pm" condition is no longer behaving as expected.

Sunset is about 8:00pm. Rule has been triggering all day. However the evening did trigger the kitchen sink lite properly last night.

So, your rule is now comparing "Between 8:01pm-30mins and 7:30pm", which equates to

"Between 7:31pm and 7:30pm", which would be all day long... :wink:

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I guess that would make sense, I have had this rule or some variation of it for quite awhile and it hasn't acted up before. According to this chart it looks like sunset -30 may have have just passed 7:30 here.


Is there a way to change the rule to the earlier of two times? Say 5:30 or sunset -30? Maybe I just the the illuminance handle it. It works pretty well for overcast days as it is.

Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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Updated and working as desired now.


Thanks again.

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