Rule Rework Help

I have two separate rules that control my thermostat. The main "thermostat scheduler" rule shown here.

And the Ventilation Scheduler rule shown here.

My objective here is to run the HVAC in fan only mode for 30 minutes every hour when the outside temp is (below 50 which is what turns on the ventilation switch). I want this ventilation schedule rule to be "paused" if the HVAC turns on the "Heat mode" and "resumed" when the Heat is idle/OFF.

The problem I'm finding out is by having the "ventilation schedule"'s actions to be delayed for 30 minutes and then the reverse being delayed for an one hour. This set's a "scheduled job" timestamp for this action to occur. At which if the "thermostat scheduler" rule has the ventilation rule "paused" because it's heating during at which the scheduled job timestamp passes. When it "resumes" there is no more "scheduled job" action and the ventilation rule no longer runs it's on/off routine.

So I'm looking for ideas at going at this with a different approach. Different trigger? different delay that doesn't use a "scheduled timestamp"? I'm open....

Break it down into smaller parts. Draw yourself a state diagram. Don't use Pause Rule, instead use a variable that remembers the state.

Using and understanding variables is a bit above my comprehension level with rule machine

You could have a Global Variable, a Boolean, called VentSched (or whatever). Where in your first rule you have Pause, instead you set that variable to false. Where you have resume, you set it to true. Then in the second rule just add a Simple Conditional statement at the beginning:

IF(VentSched = false) Exit Rule

That way, that rule won't run when it's not supposed to.

So something like this? Is this correct?