Rule Question


I have a color bulb on the outside of the house that I use to let us know the mode when we come home. I have created 2 rules to control this. I want the bulb to be red if the mode is away or night and green if home. I want the bulb to come on when the mode changes and also when we arrive. But only stay on for 3 minutes. Does it look like these rules will accomplish that?


That may not work due to a timing issue. Might work one time, but not the next. Bulbs have to be on to change color, so if the color change executes first, it won’t happen if the bulb hasn’t had a chance to turn on.

Looks like you have all modes (I’m guessing) there as conditions, therefore that is largely unnecessary. What don’t you put the color change into the actions of the trigger.

Change the order of the actions to On, then color per mode, then off after 30 seconds.


So this is what you mean? The reason I have the mode as trigger also is I want the bulb to come on when the mode changes, irregardless of an arrival.


Don't turn on the bulb first, just set the color and level. Then leave the off part as is.


@SmartHomePrimer says turn on, then change color. @Ryan780 says don't turn on, just set color.

Should we wait for a third opinion...:grin:


Remember, you are not only setting the color in that command, you are also setting the level. First turning them on will jump them on to the last settings. Just turning to color should have them only come on in the new color.

P.S. I just did it with mine and it worked fine. :smiley:


I was trying to help. I have only one color bulb, but don't have it connected to HE directly because it's not compatible. @Ryan780 has the bulb, knows how it works. His advice is the one you should follow.


Thanks to both of you for the help.

Just to recap. I just need to set the color which will turn the bulb on. I can test tomorrow.