Rule not working, but it worked, need help

I have this rule, it turns on the bathroom fan with 2 conditions, after any condition changes to false it will delay the fan turn off, 15 minutes. For some reason now it turns off the fan at 15 minutes(not sure if more or less) but the conditions still in true. It worked fine but it stopped to work properly. I deleted and re created the rule, same result. Any help is appreciated. Tagging @bravenel , he has a good eye in RM.

Turn on rule logging, and look at the app events. If the rule went false and back to true, it would still turn off the fan. If you put Cancel on truth change on the delayed off, it wouldn't turn off until the rule stays false for 15 minutes.

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Thanks Bruce, I changed the rule. I will test it tonight.

Edit, reading again your message I think this is what you mean, I changed the rule again, thanks.