Rule not triggering

Hi all,
Has anyone experienced rules not being triggered even though something like a simple active/inactive motion trigger has =true?
Light triggers need to be timely and I have test a light on trigger if motion is active turn on and if motion is inactive turn off (no other variables). But in testing, I open the motion sensor device and check when my motion is detected some times the rule doesn’t turn on the light so I goto the rule and click run actions and the light turns on instantly. Originally I had the rul in “Room Lighting app” and thought that the app might be the issue but I have observed similar behaviour when setting the same rule in “rule machine”.
Could it be hub is too busy at that specific time? ( as works instantly when I manually run the rule)

Turn on logs and see what they say in the various situations.

I have checked logs for “room lighting” and my specific room and it show that it sent off request to switch but of course it didn’t turns off but if I click off in the room lighting room automation it turns off straight away, same with activate or on works straight away if manually done from room lighting app.

Issues like this typically result from issues with the device or zigbee/zwave mesh.


A screenshot of the RL setup may help diagnose what may be happening, along with some screenshots of the logs you are seeing


I see there is a previous thread where it seem a bug in room lighting app but never fixed

Looking at your RL instance, it appears that you want Room Lighting and the Switch to turn on via motion only. To turn off Room Lighting and the switch, it is either via Motion inactive or 1 hour.

What are you using to disable turning off Room Lighting? If you are hoping to manually turn off the switch and thus Room Lighting, you want "Switches that determine all Lights are off" under Turn off Lights Options.

It stays on all the time as a dark area.
The below rule machine also sometimes does not work, both simple triggers and action but sometimes fail to work, as soon as it fails to work I test manual on/off and responds quickly, could this be a busy hub and some flaw in code which miss execution of actions while in a busy state and no queue?

What type of devices are you using? If it's Zigbee or Zwave, it could very well be a mesh issue.

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Zwave aeotec nano switch and motion sensors 6 (Poe powered), device that do not active via rules seem to activate immediately when manually turned on/off

What do you mean manually? Are you activating them via the device page in Hubitat? Or are you just flipping the switch?

Either way, you’ll need logging on and will want to post them. Missed commands still sounds like a mesh issue.

I mean I test turning switch/light on/off when I see it’s not activated or turned off by going into the rule lighting and click on turn off then click on activate and both action work immediately.
Below is an example of bathroom light not being turned off even though motion is inactive (do I need to turn on verbose logging?)

Yes. You’ll need full logging as the posted logs do not show how Room Lighting was activated. If you are using RL or RM, we need to see not only the setup but also the logs of the instances.

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I have performed a test to see if i could isolate the intermittent action working with hubitat:

  1. I exposed aeotec nano switch to home assistant from hubitat usingMakerApi
  2. I then setup same basic light function that was in hubitat rule machine in home assistant rule engine (as per below screenshot
    So far homeassistant as not missed any action and I have exposed a few more devices that were failing to action intermittently in hubitat rule machine and room lighting app and will monitor over the next week. If they are stable it leads me to think something wrong with hubitat code or apps