Rule not running on HSM intrusion delay

I want my siren to beep for a period after the HSM alert intrusion-home-delay trigger.

I built this rule:
Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 19-01-39 Alarm - Countdown to Siren Alert

But the rule never seems to run.

When I open a contact that HSM is watching, the log shows:

app:6342021-07-17 06:57:10.843 pm infoAlarm - Countdown to Siren/Alert: hubitat1 hsmAlert null
app:6342021-07-17 06:57:10.798 pm infoAlarm - Countdown to Siren/Alert: hubitat1 hsmAlert null
app:2612021-07-17 06:57:10.754 pm warnAlert Intrusion pending Contact1 open
app:2612021-07-17 06:57:10.683 pm warnAlert Intrusion pending Contact1 open
dev:3302021-07-17 06:57:10.614 pm infoContact1 was opened
dev:3302021-07-17 06:57:10.610 pm infoContact1 was opened

and then eventually the HSM triggers my sirens/notifications.

Any ideas why my rule isnt running correctly ?

Please take a look at your System Events (left side menu near the bottom), and see if those HSM events are there. Also, turn on Event and Trigger logging in the rule, and see if they show up there or not. Finally, look at the Event Subscriptions section of the App Status page for that rule. There should be a subscription to your location, like this:

The system events are there:

That log output is with all four of the logging checkboxes checked in the rule.

And I do see the subscription to the hsmAlert:


Thanks. I will dig deeper into this...

This bug has been found and fixed; next release will have the fix.


I literally came to the forum today for this exact issue.

Any idea when the next release would be which fixes this?



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