Rule Naming Conventions

I've got enough rules set up through RM that it's a decent scroll to get through them all. While it's easy enough for me to remember the basics of what any given rule does when I read the name of it, I don't have a good system for naming them to begin with. Since many of them have multiple types of triggers and impact several devices across multiple rooms, I haven't figured out a good naming structure that provides a kind of order with the list. Some are "Turn on such and such devices," some are "Device name alert," some are just the name of a device... since I haven't come up with any good way to organize them mentally, it's all over the map! So I'm curious what naming conventions people use for individual rules in order to keep some semblance of order to them. Any tips or suggestions on ways to make it easier to find things?

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Hi there!

I sort like this.

“Rule Type- Rule Name”

So for example…

“Action-Close Garage On Away”
“Climate- Cool Mode”
“Lighting-Dusk Mode”
“Startup-Check Conditions”

By doing it that way, RM will sort the first word alphabetically. if I want to look at lighting rules as an example, I scroll to “Lighting-“


I preded my rule names with a 3 digit code:

M01 = motion
L01 = lighting
W01 = water sensor


Along with the great suggestions people have, I would also take into account how you typically need to find a rule, which admittedly can vary based on the circumstances. So do you typically think about finding a rule for a particular Room and then purpose, or some other approach? Then base your naming around that.

Whatever you choose, consistency is a key thing to remember.

There are also some old thread's on this topic, so I would also suggest digging around for some of those as well.


I use emoji to keep the title shorter and decriptive


Good question - happy someone else asked it because I was going to ask the same thing...

All my device names start with the type of device (ie Bulb, Clg Fan, Plug, Dimmer, etc.).
Each device has the location (room name) field populated in case I want to find it that way.

Then the app actions are named for the action description the app contolls, which are things like:
AV (on / off)
Light (on/off)
At first it seemed the app action names may mirror the device name, but not really.

  • The device that controls a light can be a plug or a switch of a bulb. But in the action it will be listed as Light.
  • Similarly, a plug device may control a light, AV equipment or something else such as dehumidifier.
    Some app actions names do mirror the device name, such as the shades and locks, but it is not a problem yet. In the latter, the word lock is used in both, but in the device name it is the noun, and in the app it is the verb...