Rule Manager - Two Time of Day Conditions

I was trying to create a rule that has different execution windows (time of day) depending on weekday or weekend.

When i created a second Time of Day condition and click Between two times, the view it brings up is of the first Time of Day condition I configured. If I change that and hit done, it alters the original Time of Day condition.

I can therefor not use two different Time of Day conditions in the same rule.

A bug?

Of course, I can create two different Rules for this and have. But I'm a bit of a neat freak.

What version of the hub are you running? And can you show the version number that appears in the bottom of the main page of Rule Machine, the parent app.

There was a limitation that acted like you are describing, but that was changed. So it's possible there is a bug, or you are on an older version.

RM: Version 2.5.1/2.5.11: 11 Installed

Thanks. Will look into it.

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We found that there's a bug in the UI framework, not in Rule Machine. But Rule Machine steps on the UI framework bug.

Excellent. Thanks

Hot fix pushed out that corrects this problem. Now you can have multiple Time of Day conditions.

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