Rule manager to Webcore migration

With groovy hub (hubtatat) officially supporting WebCore. Will there be a migration path for Rule Machine "rules"?

WebCore exceeds rule machine in ease of use and capability in so many ways.

Migration of rule machine logic to WebCore would be greatly appreciated :+1:.

There has been no annoucement, and given how different they are (and the fact that webCoRE is still community-developed, even if now available as a built-in app) — and how complicated and significant such an effort would be — I would not expect anything along these lines, IMO.

If you've got things working in RM, however, there is no reason to change. And which you prefer is just that: a preference, no matter how strongly some people may feel about one or the other. :slight_smile: There is also no reason you can't use both, using whichever for whatever you think suits it best.


Only TWO rules engines?? Bah.. The ideal mix has to include Node-Red at least :smiley: :smiley:

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