Rule Machine

Having problems with groups/rules and getting things to fire. Can anyone help me understand why this rule would not fire? I was expecting the light to turn off after 2 minutes of being turned on. Turned the group on manually on the device page and seven minutes later the rule has not fired.

I'm suspecting it has to do with the "cancelable" but I dont know why.

Yeah, the cancellable can be removed since you don't have anything else referring to it. But nevertheless it should still work as it is unless the rule is retriggering (eg. something else is triggering the light on). Is there anything else controlling that light and switching it on?

Remember that this rule will only trigger when the lights goes on and then instantly checks your conditional to queue/set-up the delayed light off command after 2 minutes. It doesn't keep checking that conditional. So maybe you can try a wait command instead?

Very strange. I turned off cancelable and the rule immediately started working as expected.

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