Rule Machine vs. Rule-4.0

I'm brand new (like just unboxed) to Hubitat. Do I need to be concerned about the differences between the old RM and (its successor?) Rule-4.0 or can I just start using the later?


If you're just setting up Hubitat today, your only option is Rule 4.0, so no need to make a decision. :slight_smile: (Actually, there are still lots of decisions to be made, mostly: is Rule Machine the right tool for the job? It's a bit complicated and requires some learning, especially if you're not familiar with how other aspects of the platform work already, so I'd strongly consider utilizing the vast array of other built-in apps instead initially if any meet your needs.)

If you're reading the docs (please accept my applause), then you might just be running into an issue of naming: technically, the parent app is "Rule Machine" and the child apps (rules) you make are "Rule 4.0." If you're in the docs wiki, the Rule 4.0 docs are what you want (though I think the community post is better with inline screenshots). The Rule Machine docs in the wiki contain general information that's more helpful if you're writing a custom app to interface with its API than it is if you're a regular user of RM. Informally, people use "Rule Machine" to refer to all generations of parent and child apps (like I just did), so don't get too hung up on this distinction otherwise.

Oh, and welcome aboard!


Thanks! I am reading the documentation and watching videos from the Hubitat YouTube channel but HE is a bit of a hot mess.

Is there a graphic/FAQ that depicts/explains the relationships between all these strange terms/components: Apps, Rules, Drivers, Apps Code, Devices? Did I overlook the "Start HERE" document?


Honestly not sure there is. :slight_smile: But the two main things you really need to be concerned about are "Apps" and "Devices". Devices are your real things: a motion sensor, a dimmer, a smart plug, a thermostat, or whatever. Apps are automations: things you can install and customize to make the devices do what you want (e.g., turn this switch on when motion is detected, turn the thermostat down when you go away, etc.). Rules are really just a special kind of app but not something I'd consider yet unless another built-in app doesn't meet your needs.

"Apps Code" and "Drivers Code" are for adding custom apps (by default, you only have the built-in ones; lots of community members have written/shared their own, and you could theoretically do the same) and drivers (which is basically device code, telling Hubitat how to talk to something it doesn't natively support). Hubitat has lots of these built in, and this is again probably not a place I'd start.

If you don't have real devices yet but want to see some examples of what you can do, the "Let's Get Started" thingie can create automations with "virtual" devices and show you some of what's possible. That might be the only thing you missed. :slight_smile: This should still be on the home page of your hub's admin UI (IP address or hostname in a browser) if you haven't done much yet. You don't need to use it and you might not even want to (you'll probably want to remove the apps and devices it makes or switch them out with real ones soon enough), but it's an option.

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