Rule Machine vs Button Controller App

Is there an advantage to using the Button Controller App as opposed to Rule Machine. I have a virtual button device with 22 buttons. I use all 22 buttons to start Internet Radio Streams and Pandora Streams.

I originally set it all up in Rule Machine, not knowing there was an app called Button Controller. Would Button Controller have less overhead as compared to Rule Machine? It would be easy enough to move over to Button Controller.

Thanks, for any help.

It is much easier to set up. But on the downside, it is not as powerful, it may not be capable of what you want it to do, especially if you are doing "odd" things or more complicated things instead of just turning on a light.

Likely yes. But probably not worth messing with.

You would have to redo everything, there isn't an easy way to convert. I would probably leave well enough alone as long as it works.


Might I ask how you were able to associate different buttons with different Pandora streams?

My goal is to get specific channels (custom channels I created) to play on Pandora, I'd love to find a way to do this. Like - if I just hit "Play" on my dashboard, it may play Sesame Street music as my kids had it last, but I want Zeppelin. How do I do this?

I have a squeezebox and I use this custom app:

This is what my music dashboard looks like, some of the buttons are Internet Radio Streams and some are custom Pandora stations.

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