Rule Machine UI Editing problem

I had a rule that had a conditional IF regarding a failed device that I had to remove from my zwave network. So the rule turned into:


I added a new device in it's place. So i selected that part to Edit, and clicked Erase conditional.

then it got stuck. the rule now has


but now I can no longer edit the rule:

and if i click the dropdown box for the AND, OR, XOR, the box shows up for 1/2 second and then goes away (I can't select anything).

There is also no option to Canel, or Next, or Done. Just stuck.

Once a rule doe this, in my experience, your only option is to start over. You can try cloning or export import, but my guess is you will just need to build it again.

BTW if you ever have this happen again, it's best to delete the lines and re-write them again. Editing lines with errors like that will often cause these type of errors.


I recently needed to remove some devices that were part of several rules. After the first one that I removed and then discovered similar problems I decided with the next one to create a virtual device that represents the one that I was removing. So if the device was called Table Light I created a virtual device called Table Light Temp. I then found all the rules that were used that device and cloned them into Rule Name Temp and assigned the device I was removing (Table Light) with the virtual device (Table Light Temp). Once this was done I could remove the original rule and the device. Once the device was added back I then went to the temp rule and cloned it again and this time assigned the temp virtual device to the device that I just added back and named the rule to its original name. Of course I remove the temp virtual device after the fact and the temp rule. It's still a bit of work but a much easier and straight forward process than doing it after the fact.

Hope it helps.

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