Rule Machine - turn lights off with inactivity after a set amount of time

I'm new to HE and would like to turn lights off that were EITHER manually triggered or by rule triggered after a set amount of time of inacivity with one rule. Can someone let me know if i'm on the right path and doing this the most efficiently. Others had mentioned using motion and mode lighting, but don't see a way to turn lights off with inactivity with one rule there.

As you can see i'm simply trying to turn 'bar light' off with no motion after an hour:

i was writing the same thing but furon is faster :slight_smile:

To improve a little bit
you can put Change in the place of ivactive for trigger

in the rule make a condition if active just cancel delayed action
else cancel and off .

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Thank you all! This is very helpful...I will let you know the progress

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