Rule Machine Trigger 1 AND Trigger 2

I'm trying to get Rule Machine to setup that when my wife's and my phones show Not Present in the geofence around the house that it will set our Ecobee thermostats to Away Mode.

I can't seem to figure out how to get from Phone 1 OR Phone 2 to Phone 1 AND Phone 2. Any help will be appreciated.

You need to use conditions:

The triggers will remain Phone-1 OR Phone-2.

The actions will begin with a conditional statement, such as

IF (Phone-1, Phone-2 all not present) THEN

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So then is this correct?

Almost. You should end the IF block with an END-IF (meaning the last line of the rule, in this case, should be END-IF).

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Like this?

I appreciate your help!

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Yup. It's a good practice to get into. Didn't matter so much for this rule, but it will matter as your rules become more complex.

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Great! I really appreciate the help.

It may be awhile before I get into too much complex rules. LOL

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