Rule Machine - Toggle Dimmer Per Mode


I've been looking into this functionality but didn't found any solution to set it up without complex rule "if then" rule machine.

My target if to have the following behavior:
I'm using a simple button as trigger to turn on and off a dimmable bulb.
I would like to be able to differentiate the dimmer level depending on the current mode (day, evening, night) to avoid getting blind when I wake up at night.
Would be even greater if I can setup fade in and fade out duration

This actions would be called something like "Toggle Dimmer Per Mode"

Hope this feature can be implemented in the future

You can do this fairly easily in a rule now using Dimmer Per Mode, and doing the logic for toggle yourself.

IF(lights-on) THEN
   Off: lights
   Dimmer Per Mode lights

Thanks for pointing this out to me.
I'm trying this right now :+1:

Working perfectly.
Thanks a lot

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