Rule Machine Time not right on conditions

Ever since the RM3.0 upgrade, my rule for an Orbit Hose time to turn on is showing incorrect time.
I set a rule for the Orbit valve to come on daily at 9:00 AM & go off at 9:05 AM in a small flower bed.

I set the conditions for specific time on at 9:00 AM and time off 9:05 shows correctly when I do this & click "done with condition"...and I double check my typo's.

However, when it goes to the next screen, the time shown in BLUE in the conditions it shows 4:00 AM & 4:05 AM.
I tried setting it for 8:55 AM on & 9:00 AM off and again, it show the time as 3:55 AM & 4:00 AM respectively.

This rule was a carry over from RM 2.5 & I started noticing the odd time after the RM3 upgrade.
I've deleted the old rule & started over & again it still shows the 5 hours difference.

Any ideas?

Got it fixed...for some reason on my settings HE was showing sunrise at 1:17 AM for me and sunset was off too--I updated settings & RM3 rules are fine now. Don't know why this was wrong or when it happened...fixed now though.