Rule Machine shows repeating for rules that have completed

I have a few routines which repeat until a condition occurs. When I view the rules from the Apps display, these routines show 'repeating' behind the title of the rule. These rules have completed correctly. If I click on the rule and open up the rule definition page and then exit back out, the 'repeating' clears from that rule.

I have verified there are no scheduled jobs for that rule. I am not sure if repeating is a scheduled job but wanted to verify nothing was running.

The rules are running correctly, but the Apps page seems to imply the rule is still running when it is not.

See below:

Yes, many have posted this, myself included... as I recall, Bruce said he found the issue and it will be fixed in the next release


Ok. I wondered if it wasn't a known issue but I didn't find in in the forums.

Thanks for the response.

@bravenel , still seeing this after updating to the current version

Is this something we just live with?


If this is Rule 5.0 or older, then yes, it won't be addressed. AFAIK, this works as expected in Rule 5.1. ??

Yes it was fixed in RM 5.1 for me.

Thanks, I have 2 that are 5.0, I'll consider moving them over


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