Rule Machine Rule "status" being updated

Noticed something with the rule truths showed after the rule names.

See this one example below. Rule truth shows "TRUE" on the main apps page. Page was JUST refreshed(in fact multiple refreshes). First this rule IS false (as you'll see) and has been. The house has been in away mode. Then if I open up the rule the status at the top now changes to "Restricted" however...the rule is still false. It seems because I went to the rule page when I now go back to the apps shows "Restricted". I've also noticed the truths not being updated between just true/false. It was tending to throw me off when I was building/testing rules as I couldn't figure out why a rule was TRUE, then I'd go into it and it would be false.




I can't be the only one that has noticed this??

Due to the lack of full dynamism in the UI, those displays on the App page are not always updated until the Rule itself is opened. If a rule looks off to you, just open it. The issue you encountered derives from the fact that once Restricted, the rule is no longer evaluated, so it can't update that display from True to False.

I will look into making the update to Restricted more dynamic than it is, that would certainly help in the case you've shown.


Knowing that helps! Thanks. I was tending to use that as a dashboard of sorts for when I'm creating new rule sets to make sure everything is working right. I'll have to move to creating an actual dashboard for the rule sets so I can monitor what's going on.

I think fixing the Restricted display to be dynamic will help a lot. That will be in the next release.


Hi Bravenel, I was curious if the rule states was fixed on the 2.0 release since this appears to be happening still for me on the Apps page.

Example, this rule should display false:

If I open this rule, it correctly shows false:

I go back to the Apps page again it's correctly showing false:

The Apps page is not dynamic. If you want to see current states, you have to refresh it. What happened was that it was refreshed when you came back out of the rule.

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