Rule Machine question

Is it possible to create a presence based rule in Rule Machine that uses "AND" instead of "OR"?

For example I want to create rules to trigger when I leave or return in my truck. Right now my truck has a ST Presence sensor and I'm using the Life360 plugin to use my phone as a presence sensor. I want to create a rule to trigger when I leave (and another when I return) in my truck but not when I leave with someone else (with my truck staying) or if my truck leaves without me or I return without it. (hopefully that's not too confusing)

Sounds like you want to apply conditions, in which case you would need to use Triggered Rule or a standard rule...maybe multiple rules. Which one and how many depends on the details. The both should allow "AND" conditions.

This is either fairly easy, or fairly complex, depending on one key thing: Do you want different things to happen in the three different cases of you or the truck returning? Let's say there are distinct actions for the three cases of both leave, you leave, or the truck leaves. What about return? Three different actions, or one?

I only want something to happen if the truck and I depart or arrive at the same time.

I'm using a triggered rule, there is no "AND" condition that I can find. Only an "OR" condition.

Then this rule will work for you:

Condition: Truck presence, my presence leave (all)
Rule: Truck presence, my presence leave (all)
Action for true: what to do when both leave
Action for false: what to do when both arrive

Don't use triggered rule, just regular rule, to get the All option for multiple devices.

Ahh, ok. Awesome, I'll give that a shot. Thanks!

Hmm....I get the AND option in my triggered rule. Maybe it only shows depending on the scenario.

You're right, of course.

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