Rule Machine: Pause rule (auto resume after x minutes)

I sometimes pause a rule manually for some reason or another that just isn't worth automating. But of course I don't remember to resume it until I wonder why the rule isn't working at the next mode change or day etc.

It would be great to have an option already when pausing that provide a checkbox to auto resume later, and just pick drop list of minutes or the hh:mm:ss time box that would just act as a countdown timer and then resume the rule.


An alternative, if there are specific rules that you often find yourself pausing would be to add a required condition linked to a switch being off. Then when you want to pause it, turn on the switch.

The switch could be set to have an automatic off setting.


Not saying this wouldn't be a nice feature, but I use 2 rules myself to help with this.

  1. Checks a boolean against my rule, if active or not, sends me a reminder to reactivate.

  2. Created a rule that reactivates rules during certain activities like when I leave and my nightly routine. I do have to update this manually when I add new rules I want to check, but it has worked out well.

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While not right in the rule, one could accomplish this today utilizing Rule Machine.

Set up a RM rule that has a trigger that a specific rule is paused and add the “for a period of time” option. Then the action is to resume the same rule.

Enjoy. I can post screen shots later if you need.

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Good advice from previous replies. In summary...

  1. Create one virtual switch for each rule you want to pause.
  2. In your rule, add a required expression that the appropriate switch must be ON.
  3. Create a second rule to control the switch. Could probably even be created in the Basic Rules app. The trigger is Switch turns OFF. The actions are Wait for elapsed time and Turn switch ON.
  4. Add the virtual switch to a Dashboard.

Like anything in Rule Machine, there are loads of ways to accomplish the same task. You could use booleans, pausing, etc. This is just the simplest, most intuitive in my opinion.


I think this solution might be the best for my use case. It really is dependent on the exact need at the time, and I don't want to create a virtual switch for like 15 rules etc.
I normally don't pause rules, so I could create a rule like you mention and have 15 potential triggers (rule 1 gets paused, rule 2 gets paused, etc.) and then have it wait for 5 hours or whatever and resume all (just in case)

EDIT: well, lol nevermind - I never mentioned this recent example was for motion lighting, which pausing is not a possible trigger. So I'm going to leverage the virtual switch idea, and incorporate into other scenarios as well so everything will be aligned.

Thanks all !


You could disable the motion lighting app via RM and then enable again after set period of time:


Nice, I didn't know Hubitat came with cheat codes! lol

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