Rule Machine or Motion Lighting, which is better?

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Could you expand on this? Specifically, better done with motion lighting from a user or from a system standpoint?

I've gone back and forth between rule machine and motion lighting for my lights. Currently I'm using rule machine (and it is working well) but there have been recent enhancements to motion lighting that may make it now be able to handle what I need it to do. I guess my question is - Is motion lighting better equipped (speed, system resources, etc) to handle lighting than rule machine or is it mainly a more user friendly interface to what rule machine does?

Motion Lighting offers more features and options to the relatively straightforward task of turning some lights on and off based on motion. A single Rule in RM can do this also. However, to add those options in Rule Machine would typically involve adding additional rules or triggers. In the end, you could end up with several rules to do the same task that a single instance of Motion Lighting can do.

There is no material difference in terms of speed, system resources, etc, although Motion Lighting in theory is faster and leaner than RM. I don't think this the important consideration.

I have a personal approach where generally I will use the simplest app that gets the job done, and turn to Rule Machine for things that I can't do any other way. That includes Simple Lighting, Mode Lighting and Motion Lighting as being 'simpler' app than Rule Machine.


Is there any chance of including contact sensors within the motion lighting app? Currently I only have 1 instance of Motion Lighting since all my other rules also depend on the state of 1 or more doors.

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Do you mean add it as an addition way to turn on? As in, motion OR contact open?

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Most go like this:

If door1 or door2 becomes open
If motion1 or motion2 becomes active
turn on light.

If all of door1 and door2 becomes closed
If all of motion1 and motion2 becomes inactive
turn off light.

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