Rule machine or mirror for dimmers

I'm finding the web interface of rule machine to be headache inducing. I was able to use the mirror function to get a Sengled dimmer to work but the dimming levels get confused. I would have thought simply masking a "group" woould work but that doesn't.

I have a Hue dimmer that I can kind of get to work with RM but I keep messing up. There has to be an easier way but I must be missing it. The Hue won't show up in the mirror device and when I try to make rules it keeps combining them. As in when I make a rule for the off button then it combines with the on button so now both turn the light off but it won't come back on.

Help please, what am I missing here? Is this the way we are even supposed to make pair them?

I tried the built in mirror app once but it was easy to get it out of sync.

Tried this app and never looked back.

Also available through the hubitat package manager.


Thanks, I'll check it out. I thought I was good with computers until getting a Hubitat. Just adding custom apps was confusing.

I tried Rule Machine because mirroring seemed odd. A dimmer switch doesn't need a saved level. RM was cumbersome though as I had to make a rule per button.

RM also seems slower. The mirrored dimmer is a semi-supported Sengled and the RM is Hue with it's driver. Unless Hue is buggy then it must be RM bogging it down.

Hue doesn't seem to show up under switch bindings. I'm not sure why. It can't be mirrored either.

I don’t have any Hue devices so I can not comment on that. But from what I have read from others, everyone says Hue is great. I am surprised that switch bindings can’t see the hue devices. Hopefully someone else can help out here. Are you connecting to the Hue devices or through the Hue bridge? It won’t change my answer but I’m sure somebody will as that question.

But I don’t think RM is the issue either.

I got it to work. Once I had package manager I found an app by a different person called button binding. So Sengled makes a switch and Hue makes a button.

so far the Hue is doing better than before but the Sengled is still better.

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