Rule machine not triggering on Lutron dimmer level unless description text logging is enabled

I am migrating my SmartThings devices over to Hubitat Elevation and writing all new rules. I am a software/hardware engineer so, after a few hours, I am having little trouble with the Apps.

I have a rule setup and tested that if a Lutron dimmer exceeds 80% or is turned on to 100%, a Z-Wave switch is turned on.
Then if the dimmer goes under 80% or is turned off, the Z-Wave switch is turned off.

This worked and worked very well yesterday. I turned off descriptive text logging on the Lutron Caseta dimmer and both rules stopped working. I turned back the descriptive text logging and both rules now work flawlessly.

Is this a bug or intentional? I would think that this is a bug.

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In each Rule there's options for logging.. I'd suggest you turn them on and see what happens with each test.
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 3.45.52 PM

I do not see any setting like this in the "Rules Machine" I do see the events in the event monitor though.

No trigger from Lutron device when descriptive text logging is off.

Which lutron device?

Caseta wall dimmer. What other home Lutron dimming device is there? Well, there is the version that has a neutral wire but this is a standard one like you buy at Home Depot or Lowes. And, yes, I have a Caseta Pro hub. I wrote the first driver piece for HomeAssistant years ago.

Here is the Rule Machine page for the On state.