Rule machine not trigering OPEN and stays

Im trying to create a script that will run when a door is left open but
open and stays wont trigger.
I can run it when contact opens then delay and check again but I need to
have several open and stay for different times so I can get repeated warnings.

Anyone else notice this.

If it's a simple rule, delete and recreate it.

If you post a screenshot of your rule here we could take a look and see if there is any logical reason the trigger isn't working?

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Your platform (hub firmware) version and the app / version you are using would be useful, i.e. are you using Rule Machine and what version of Rule Machine.

Current version on everything.
Version 5.1.3 (4/4/2022)
rule machine

I created a new script to bypass any errors that might be in my large complex script.
So starting over with this simple test script. Isolating the problem.

Result is not as expected.

Before it was not even triggering now it only triggers on the first trigger event and the rest are ignored. Doesn't matter how long the contact is open the others never trigger.

Is this a planned result in that you can only have one stays event?
If so I will have to create several scripts for each stays event.

I believe there are limits to triggering with "stays that way" on the same device. I will say that what you're seeing doesn't really surprise me. I think you need to write your rule to trigger on the Stays for 1 minute then use logic (i.e. a while loop) to monitor the door status and log at 5-minute intervals.

I'd expect it to only trigger on the first... but not sure why. I guess each time a 5 mins is nearly up it gets retriggered by the 1 minute and kills the one waiting for the 5 mins.

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