Rule Machine Motion IF Then

Hi All,
If I run this rule, and motion becomes active while that 5 minute delay is going, will it exit the rule, or will it restart the timer?
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Nothing will happen per se when motion becomes active (or inactive). Conditional actions do not generate event subscriptions (like a trigger or a wait for event/expression does); they are simply evaluated at the point in the actions when they are reached. In your case, that should be fairly soon after i either you get the humidity event (second line, the wait) or the timeout for the same. Then, at that point, if motion in inactive, you'll turn off the switch. Otherwise....nothing will really happen (you have a "Cancel Delayed Actions," but there wouldn't be any left by that point).

If this isn't what you want, and I suspect it's not, providing a description of what you want in plain language (ignoring Rule Machine terms like "trigger" or any specific RM actions you had in mind) will generally get you the best help.

Good luck!

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Lol, thank you once again sir.
I have my bathroom lights turning on via motiuon (Motion Lighting App)
I have an existing rule that turns a virtual switch is the humidity is too high, preventing the motion lighting app from turning off the lights.

The part you're looking at above is intended to turn off the lights once the humidity has fallen AND there is no one in the room. But I need it to make sure no one has been in the room for say, 5 minutes. I don't want the lights to immediately shut off when the humidity falls. Let me know if I can clarify any of tht, and thanks again so much!

Instead of the IF-THEN and delay combination just use a Wait for expression Motion inactive for a 5:00 duration.

@pseudonym Like so?

@cjtman.theriault Yes!